Top Rookie Blogging Mistakes

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1. The blog posts are not properly formatted

Have you ever published blog content without editing and optimizing it? This is one of the
blogging mistakes you must watch out for. You should pay a lot of attention to the entire content
creation process, not just writing it. If you don’t spend that much time editing and formatting
your content, you run the risks of readers taking just a glimpse, and leaving the page. This can
happen even if you have a captivating, attention-grabbing blog headline.
Make sure to read everything before publishing it. No visitor would ever want to read a blog post
full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

2. Failure to focus on a niche

If you write about random topics, and wonder why no readers are commenting, maybe it’s
because they don’t have a clue about the things you are writing about. Your own passion and a
specific niche can help grow your audience, improve traffic, and establish your expertise in your
chosen industry.

3. Writing for yourself

Do you really want to know how to make money through your blog in Malaysia? Well, you need
to learn how to write for your preferred audience. Write for them–not for yourself. Your blog
must mirror your personality, but keep in mind that it’s not all about you.
The most successful blogs speak directly to their target audience. Bloggers do it in a way that
they inject their own unique personalities in their content, while still focusing on connecting well
with their readers. People read blogs to solve their own problems, and learn new valuable tips.
Give it to them. Give them the informative and interesting content that they want.

4. Maintaining a blog that is not user-friendly

The most effective way to scare away readers is maintaining a website that requires an extensive
instruction manual to navigate. Make it easier for your readers to find their way around.
Addressing difficult navigation will significantly decrease your blog’s bounce rate, and enhance
user friendliness.