5 Best Shopping Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

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What are you looking for in a hotel? While the facilities, amenities, and the actual design of the hotels are the top considerations whenever people want to book a hotel reservation, it is actually the location that people favor more.

That is because they want to be closer to what they’ve intended to visit. In Kuala Lumpur, you can do a lot of things. You can go to its various shopping malls and you can book a hotel that is near a shopping mall or a market.

While you’re at it, you may want to consider looking for girl escorts in Kuala Lumpur because, from what I’ve heard, the city is a famous spot for that.

Anyway, if you are looking for a hotel that is near a shopping establishment, you’ve come to the right article. I will recommend some of the best ones in the area, so be sure to stick around through the rest of the article.

Invito Hotel Suites

Although this hotel is not high-rising compared to others, the Invito Hotel Suites does provide you with luxurious rooms. The hotel is known for its amazing hospitality and if you need something, you can just call their front desk at any time during the day.

That being said, the hotel’s got a mini bar that you can go to and it provides you with an electronic safe so that you can store your important belongings.

One thing that I really love about this hotel is the fact that every room has got a kitchen installed in it. That means that you can cook your favorite foods within your hotel room without any problems whatsoever.

JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

Located just 4 minutes away from the Lot 10 Sopping Center on foot, the JW Marriott hotel is an amazing hotel that has a business center; perfect for business travelers who need an amazing place to stay.

Another great feature that you can expect from the famous hotel is a limo service, but you can also do some self-parking if you want to as well.

Berjaya Times Square Hotel

The Berjaya Times Square hotel is one of the biggest hotels in the city and it is definitely something that you’d want to consider if you are in Kuala Lumpur.

It has a Georgian-style décor, wooden screen doors, and it has decorative molding all throughout the hotel. You can also see various facilities in the hotel such as steam and sauna rooms, a fitness center, a children’s playground, and so much more.

Ascott Kuala Lumpur

This elegant 5-star hotel has a classic design that provides you with a calming feel. Aside from that, you can also see some Koi ponds that you can go to if you want to have some alone time.

This 30-story hotel can give you easy access to a couple of the city’s main tourist attractions, including the Petronas Towers and the KL Convention Centre.

Le Apple Boutique Hotel

This hotel is the cheapest one on the list, but do not be fooled by its rather inexpensive price because it does have all of the features that you want in a hotel.

The reason why I’ve recommended this is that it is just 400 meters away from the Twin towers and just 1.4 KM away from Fahrenheit 88.

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