6 Visual Website Design Trends You Can Use This 2019 and Beyond

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1. Dark backdrops

Dark backgrounds are making a comeback this year. Not all brands and businesses can pull this off, but if yours does, it can make a memorable, lasting impact. You can also make use of web design apps to make the most out of this trend.

2. Full screen videos

We are all visual creatures, so we would always be drawn to interesting, engaging videos. They are now dominating different social media platforms and various websites. Expect embedded full screen videos in many web pages in the years ahead.

3. Pastel shades

Choosing colors for your website may seem easy and convenient, but it’s not. Color schemes can heavily influence a brand’s image. If you want your business to thrive on the digital landscape, focus on pastel shades. Incorporating these trending colors would influence your brand image both offline and online.

4. Shapes with colorful gradients

Flat design is still being used by many business owners, but more and more designers are preferring gradients on abstract shapes. Even Spotify is now utilizing colorful gradients and fluid shapes in many of its digital marketing campaigns.

5. Colorful geometry

Angular, sharp elements can now be found on several landing pages in multiple fields. Unconventional diagonal lines break the age-old look of grids, and helps add a fresh look to any website.

6. Experimental, Big Typography

The typography trend is indeed booming. More brands are beginning to experiment with unconventional text formats, like warping and oversizing.

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