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Studies have been carried out to understand what the characteristics are that mobile users look for in the internet connection and from this survey, very specific user profiles with specific needs have been obtained. Let’s analyze the specific needs of the business profiles. According to the Performance Seekers group, the most important qualities associated with the use of portable devices are the quality and speed of the network. 

The Cluster

In this cluster we can include those who need a stable network to carry out data transfers and office activities: all employees who work constantly connected, both from the office and remotely. Then we have the group of Control Seekers, those who bet everything on the comforts related to mobility in the offices. In this case we are talking about businessman or account man who, being constantly on the road, needs to be always traceable and operational, or the employee who uses the internet connection to make video calls and conference calls. Choosing the best Time fibre in malaysia is essential in this case.

Both of these types of users want a secure and fast connection, Time Internet is able to provide this kind of connection to every company. Browse the site for more information on the offers available or fill out the company form and you will be contacted by one of our employees.

Renew and secure your network

Companies have embraced the use of mobile devices, benefiting from the possibility of contacting their employees at any time, taking full advantage of the possibilities linked to mobility and continuous availability. At the same time to have a secure and innovative network, companies had to provide a security plan for their users’ mobile devices and applications as well. 

According to an estimate, 16 million devices are targeted by malware attacks:

The attack is not immediately identifiable, in fact usually the virus remains on the device to collect sensitive information and data. This risk must absolutely be avoided for all those companies that see their employees often work remotely or use the practice of BYOD. Devices targeted by viruses can also act as involuntary collaborators during Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks) to larger systems, therefore the risk is that the normal user loses control of his personal pc or tablet, because it is used for virtual attacks.

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