Decor Trends Suggested by Interior Design Firms

Interior customization is growing big time as families look forward to decorating their homes according to their particular life-stage and lifestyle. Here are the decor trends suggested by interior design firms. Embrace Minimalism The new fad is minimalism with straight-line designs and easy to maintain finishes in vivid mood-livening colours. Moreover, a lot of interest […]

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Why Authenticity in Architecture Matters

Make sure you understand why consistency and integrity are important for architectural success. Nevada Home Do you want to work with a top professional from a reputable architect company in Malaysia to build your dream home? In this Nevada home, the dining room has an exposed, rhythmic structure, consistent material choices and clean space. All […]

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Why should you choose architecture as your career?

Architects delve on the crossroads of environmental awareness, technology, science and art. Through the practice of architecture, they can influence the overall look and feel of the environment, and at the same time enrich lives spiritually, psychologically and physically. Successful Architect Do you want to be a successful architect someday, and work at one of […]

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