Decor Trends Suggested by Interior Design Firms

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Interior customization is growing big time as families look forward to decorating their homes according to their particular life-stage and lifestyle. Here are the decor trends suggested by interior design firms.

Embrace Minimalism

The new fad is minimalism with straight-line designs and easy to maintain finishes in vivid mood-livening colours. Moreover, a lot of interest is generated by the concept of smart furniture–things like plug points built into study tables, tables that can fold into and into a sideboard etc. Homemakers are experimenting with lighting and furniture to enhance the appearance of the rooms and not just invest in solid furniture.

Interior customization

Interior customization is growing big time as families look forward to decorating their homes in accordance with their particular lifestyle and lifestyle. Project inputs that integrate specialization in the life-stage such as child-friendliness and elder friendliness are appreciated and valued. Specific lifestyle requirements for working people, maid-managed kitchens etc are often taken into account by interior designers.

Home Automation

Web today is an inevitable necessity. Technology has wrapped homes up with automation techniques; our lives have been digitized from home lighting, air conditioning, universal remote control to voice-controlled devices and internet televisions. Link this new world to your house, and live next-generation life!

Add Wall Art

Wall art has become a crucial feature when it comes to decorating a modern home. With reproductions of popular artworks, built-to-fit art from young aspiring artists, digital art photography and tribal or traditional art are now available to homemakers at affordable prices, Art itself has developed to cater for the increasing demand.

Layered Lighting

The most recent trend is the House parties. Homes have drawn particular attention for mood-based lighting due to that phenomenon. Ambient lighting and installation of fixtures on the existing light points given by the builders is not considered sufficient, further lighting effects need to be added to make the appearance stylish. Layered lighting solutions that combine ambient, task and accent lights are what you should look for to upgrade your house look.

Place Plants

Following the fashion of vertical gardens, the plants grow big for trendy interiors along with their fancy planters. Air-purifying plants are in tremendous demand and bonsai or cactus make it big too when it comes to integrating those luscious greens in your interiors.

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