UniFi 300Mbps

How to Improve and Speed Up Your Internet

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Don’t you just hate it when your online classes keep buffering for God knows how long? 

All you could do is stare back at the reflection of yourself on your laptop screen while you wait with thinning patience for your internet to come back to normal. At a cost, you miss out on a lot of things and get more frustrated as you study from home. Think about it, the amount of times the internet refuses to cooperate for quite some time, it is logical enough to grab a new one right away, maybe a UniFi 300Mbps. However, if you are on a budget and need more affordable, cheaper way of getting your internet back, here are ways to improve your internet:

Place Your Router In An Open Space

Avoid placing them in the corner of the room or in any enclosed space as it will be able to reduce or cut off its WiFi signal. Moving the router to be as close to your electronic devices as possible, such as laptops, consoles or phones can also contribute to the speedy internet. Also, keep the router away from other gadgets that employ electromagnetic waves, such as baby monitors, wireless keyboards, and even microwaves.

Provide Password For Your Internet

It could be neighbours who have been using your internet. Having a password for the WiFi helps to restrict people’s access to your internet but yourself. It is very useful for keeping hackers at bay, as well as for preventing irresponsible neighbors from Netflixing off your bandwidth, which will undoubtedly slow you down. Make advantage of AES encryption, which is both the most secure and the fastest security option.

Take A Look At Your PC

If your internet connection on your PC or laptop is always slow, but all other devices appear to be working properly, open Task Manager or Activity Monitor and check what programs are operating in the background. Certain programs may be set to auto-update when they should not be. If they are constantly upgrading in the background, it is possible that is what has been causing your slow connection. Examine it out and fiddle with the settings.

Clear Your Cache

What is cache? Have you ever wondered why there are so many ads you come across lately? Browsers acquire little bits of information about you as you visit websites and enter information, frequently in the form of cookies. Marketers utilize your data to deliver you relevant advertising for products you might be interested in based on your browsing habits. If you’ve ever had an ad follow you around the internet, you’re already familiar with this pattern. To get rid of all those cookies and trackers, you must clear your browser’s cache routinely so that all of that stored data does not slow down your internet connections.

Download Ad Blocker

Let’s be true to ourselves, ads are annoying. And they can affect your internet connection greatly. Install an ad-blocking plugin to disable data-intensive auto-play videos, and you’ll give your connection some breathing room. 


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