Malaysian Brands With Good Websites

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In the 21st century, many online businesses are growing to a better extent from day to day. This is because the whole world is finally realising how amazing the online effect can have on their businesses. The stronger your online presence is, the more attention is given to you. It is super easy to improve your presence on many online social platforms. The first thing you need to do is to interact with your followers and others consistently. It is vital to keep your page like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook active by posting numerous interactive posts. This helps a lot if you know what exactly the social media algorithms and how does it work. For Instagram specifically, it goes beyond prioritising people who are close to you. Therefore, the frequent posts that you will see on your feeds are from them. They are able to track this down from your data. That is why if you keep on visiting or commenting on certain business pages, they will start appearing more recurringly. This is why businesses and their social media experts need to start interacting with people to get a better online presence.

When it comes to good websites, we can see that Malaysian brands are about to be on the same par as other international websites because of their overall good experience and appearances. Here are some brands made in Malaysia that have a great website you need to be redirected to:


Zalora has been on the first ranking of the most visited fashion platform in Malaysia by many Malaysians. Before online shopping was even normalised and considered as one of the shopping modes, Zalora steps into the online shopping industry and takes a risk of being the first in the nation. Zalora houses a lot of high street brands that many celebrities often don. There are highly sought after brands such as Topshop, Mango and many more that you can access on Zalora. To talk about the platform, Zalora is designed with sleek and dark colours that reflect a sophisticated fashion as a whole. The dark colours ranging from black, grey and white have a great effect in making it look modern. 


This particular clothing brand has been a love-at-first-sight for many girls. They specialise in many productions of beauty and dainty wedding and bridesmaids attires. When we talk about these, all we can think about is a flowery garden theme and white all around. That is how Twenty3 has its website designed. It is super fitting to the products. These are the many reasons why web designs need to reflect the products well. You can definitely ask for a Malaysia website design to replicate what you have in your mind perfectly.

There are more Malaysian brands that have excellent navigation and appearances on their websites such as dUck, DoubleWoot and many others. You can definitely trust more Malaysian brands these days because they have good quality and efficient customer service if you have anything to confront them. We should try to support local products more. 

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