Things that you don’t know about celebrities

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Talking about celebrities, I’m sure everyone of us has their own favourite celebrities. Living in glamorous and getting wide attention from people around the world, maybe that is why some of us make them as an idol? Well, celebrities can’t avoid the public. Their life is open and maybe lack of privacy?

People tend to know every single thing about their favourite celebrities. This includes with whom they are currently having relationships, where did they have their holiday, what brands they use and also their career. However, there are certain things that most people did not know about celebrities until they are caught red-handed. Most of us expect a celebrity to be a holy person. But, that is life. Everyone has a tendency to do something bad.

These are the few things that you may not know about celebrities:

  1. Celebrities and gambling

Do you know that many celebrities are addicted to gambling? You may think that only people with financial problems will tend to be involved in gambling. Nope, you are wrong. Rich people such as millionaires, politicians and celebrities are also involved in gambling. This is because they view gambling as an entertainment. They initially start gambling just to socialise and having fun with their friends.

However, this might turn into a habit or addiction if gambling is their main entertainment. For example, they will also be involved in an online casino that is also a gambling platform. Check out here at baccarat online game in malaysia. Some of these celebrities lose terribly in the game while some of them win big.  Famous movie star Ben Affleck was reported to have lost around $400,000 to the president of Universal Studios Ron Meyer in a secret game. On the other hand, American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor 50 Cent reportedly won $1 million with a bet on the Mayweather – de la Hoya boxing match in 2007.

Those celebrities that lose in the games had ruined their career as a result of gambling addiction.  Here are also another few celebrities that is addicted in gambling:

  • Charliee Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had an extensive gambling addiction from his youth. The Comedy series’ leading star ‘Two and a Half Guys’ is known for his sense of humor and flawless comedic timing. The celebrity who has been paid around $1.8 million per episode has more than enough money to spend on any luxurious casino he may think of. Charlie used to pay about $20,000 according to his ex-wife Denise Richards.

  • Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an Actress, screenwriter, and producer who has received the Academy Award. But despite the success in the film industry, in 2001, due to his addiction to gambling and alcohol, he had to be taken for rehab. The star loves playing poker and blackjack online. He was so good at it and he even won the California State Poker Championship in 2014.

He was also honored with the award in the film ‘Good Will Hunting’ released in 1997 for the best original screenplay. Blackjack was his favorite game, because he was so good at winning hands that he was barred from playing the game in a casino in Las Vegas in 2014.

  • Ray Romano

Ray Romano is an actor winning the Emmy Award who starred in the ‘People of a Certain Age’ TV show. The actor stars in the movie as middle-aged Joe Tranelli who has gambling addiction. The thing that’s most fascinating is that Ray ‘s character is actually based on his real-life experience. His gambling problem was getting out of control and he had to seek treatment.

2) Celebrities and drugs

There are a lot of factors on how a celebrity can be involved in drug addiction. However, most of them take drugs to stay energetic for their performance and acting. For example, some singers depend on drugs to produce a bunch of new songs just to fulfill the needs of their label. 

In simple words, some celebrities are being used by their label to gain profit for the company. It causes stress and leads them to take the easy way out which is by taking drugs. Some celebrities that were involved with drug addiction including Charlie Sheen, Judy Garland, Whitney Houston and Steve Howe. Sometimes actors who continue their drug use find themselves blackballed, as directors, studios and other actors do not want to work with them anymore. Many people with alcohol issues have had their lives cut short by the opioid abuse disaster.

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