Understanding Learnability for Web Design: TipUnderstanding the Ability-to-Learn for Web Designs and Best Practices

Understanding the Ability-to-Learn for Web Design

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Creating an able-to-learn website is a challenging task. You should focus on providing an organized user experience that your visitors will easily understand. This can be accomplished through efficient on-boarding or you can search for an assistance of the Web Design Firm. How can you help your users learn the entire interface? Remember that not all websites offer comprehensive tutorials.

Research more about the ability to learn. How can you apply the following techniques to your websites?

How important is the ability to learn?

Users engage more with convenient, easy-to-use interfaces. Also, they immediately bounce away from those interfaces that appear horribly convoluted. If you wish to design your website for the ability to learn, make it simple. This is crucial for people to stick around.

Help your users learn the entire interface, so they can keep utilizing it without any problem. Through this, you will get more and more repeat visitors.

Consistency Can Breed Familiarity

A consistent website interface is part of good web design. To achieve this, you need to utilize the most common page elements. Users are more familiar with these components, and can engage with them at the long term.

Some website elements should be at the same place on each page. The logo, navigation and content area should be easy to find. As long as there is design consistency, you are on the right track.

UI Response and Feedback

The mobile landscape is often focused on micro interactions, and how these features affect user behavior. These are usually UI responses or animations—very important for an able-to-learn interface. All users need proof that what they have done had an effect on the webpage, whether they clicked, entered content or submitted a form.

Follow All Standard Conventions

Are you planning to design a website fit everyday use? Then, you need to follow all standard conventions regarding this. This is not the perfect time to get creative—it’s crucial to stick with the standards.

Website visitors would always want to see navigation menus at the topmost part of the page. All links must work by clicking and hovering. Moreover, if there is a drop-down, it should show up right away.

If you are determined to design a website for the ability to learn, you should never reinvent the wheel. Take a clear look at what everyone else is doing. Check if you can replicate all the good features and routines. Stick with what is effective. Always design your website in accordance to the standard conventions.

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