Why Authenticity in Architecture Matters

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Make sure you understand why consistency and integrity are important for architectural success.

Nevada Home

Do you want to work with a top professional from a reputable architect company in Malaysia to build your dream home? In this Nevada home, the dining room has an exposed, rhythmic structure, consistent material choices and clean space. All of it results to spatial integrity. Moreover, the furniture pieces are constructed and designed specifically for the space. Why not consider it as an inspiration for your new residential property?

Children’s Room, Turkey

If you have children, you will love this children’s bedroom from Turkey. Explore the Lego theme that is consistent with the imagination and creativity of every kid. Play around with colors! The colors would bring the space to life!

San Francisco Bathroom

This San Francisco bathroom would remind you of an awesome Eric Carle illustration. This room uses textures and colors wonderfully. Do you want a space that is not trying to be very serious? Then, aim for a bathroom like this one.

Timber-Frame Home, Canada

Modern architecture takes a new shape in this amazing home. The interior of this house is in itself a beautiful architectural experience that is authentic and stylish. Just like a person, architecture must be authentic to historical context and culture.

Sweeney Lake House, Minneapolis

This home’s façade is clean and striking. You will love the use of basic materials, and the clean lines. The bathroom architecture perfectly merges with the exterior, thus giving the home amazing authenticity.

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