Your Guide to Choosing a Baby Car Seat

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So, your baby is expected to come in a few weeks’ time and you are quite excited to bring them home with you. If you own a car, it is mandatory that every parent buys and install a baby car seat that is appropriate for their newborn to use.

In some countries, it is actually quite essential that you do so because you will be reprimanded if you are seen driving home a baby without their dedicated car seat.

That being said, choosing one might prove to be a difficult thing to do for parents who do not know exactly what to look for.

Well, in this article, I will give you your guide to choosing the right car seat for your baby.

Try Before You Buy

Before heading out to purchase a car seat, you must refer to your car’s manual to know the restraint mechanisms it uses. Car seats rely on these to make them as secure as possible.

Once you’ve read the necessary information, you then go to the store and have some of the store’s staff to help you fit the car seat into your vehicle.

This is the best way to do it since the seat should just be enough in the sense that your car can accommodate it the right way (using the appropriate anchorage systems).

Does Your Car Have Isofix Connectors?

If your car has isofix connectors, then that would make the entire process so much easier. This anchorage system ensures that you can install the car with relative ease- provided that your car does support the system.

How will you know if your car has them? Well, you can either refer to your car’s manual or you can instantly tell if you buy one of the more modern vehicles.

Take Height and Weight as Important Considerations

The type of car seat that you should buy should be based on the height and weight considerations for your baby. If you have a newborn or if your baby is relatively young, you may need to install rear-facing car seats.

Never Buy Preloved Seats

Although some parents want to be practical and save a lot of money, you should not cheap out on your baby’s car seat. In other words, do not buy secondhand or preloved seats because they might pose a risk to your child’s safety.

Choose the Right Type

What type of baby car seat do you need? Do you want those that you can take off with relative ease and put it on a stroller? Or do you want those that just sit there, but they are sturdy enough to withstand collision?

Using Your Baby’s Car Seat

When you are using the car seat for your newborn, make sure that you put them from the pavement side of the car.

Ensure that your baby is secured by the straps as per the car seat’s manual. If you do not know exactly how to strap your baby securely onto the seat, have a staff demonstrate it to you.

Your baby should be placed in rear-facing car seats for as long as possible or until they reach the markers that are present in such seats.

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